We translate a wide variety of texts for various purposes. We work with technical, commercial, legal, scientific, cultural, advertising-related and general texts. Our services are also used by private people -
in adoptions, for employment applications and positions abroad, for studies at foreign universities and institutions, in real estate purchases on the Continent, and much more.
We proofread, review, adjust and adapt previously translated texts, and we are always available to prepare or put the finishing touches on a business proposal, a price inquiry or an ordinary personal letter.

The sky is the limit!
The sky is the limit!

We specialize in translations to and from common European languages. This naturally includes the Nordic and Slavic languages, however, we also have many years of extensive experience in translating other, more exotic languages. Ask us - we do almost everything!
We employ local translators and have an extensive, finely meshed network of freelance translators throughout Sweden. All of our translators are carefully selected and continuously tested on proficiency, speed, sharpness, etc.
In order to broaden our knowledge base, raise overall competence and minimize expenses, we successfully work with other translation companies in Sweden and throughout the world - for instance, in the United States and the European Union.
All of this taken together makes it possible for us to offer a superior service, at the right time, at market conditions and at competitive prices.

Did you know
Jamie Farr, who played Klinger in M*A*S*H, is the only actor in the TV series who actually participated in the Korean War?
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1789: First national thanksgiving day celebrated in America, to mark the 1621 harvest of the Pilgrim Fathers